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Bermudian Springs School District

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Screening and Identification

Bermudian Springs School District maintains a comprehensive identification process to identify gifted students in grades K-12. A pre-referral process or screening procedure is used to help identify students with mental giftedness as defined by Chapter #16 of the Pennsylvania State Standards. A variety of instruments and measures are used to collect data on achievement and intelligence and the student’s performance in the classroom. Triangulation of several data sources make up the local criteria for identification of students considered mentally gifted. A score of 130 or above on group and individually given intelligence tests are used to assess intelligence. A student score in the 95th percentile on group and individually given achievement tests in reading and math are used to assess achievement. Teacher and parent recommendations are used to assess performance characteristics of high achieving students. Students may be recommended at any time by a parent or teacher to determine eligibility for the gifted support program; however, it is recommended that all students be screened prior to formal evaluation to assist in gathering data from a variety of sources. It is also recommended that students complete kindergarten or their first year of public education before participating in formal evaluation to determine gifted eligibility. This allows young students to become familiar with school routines and testing environments. Grade advancement and placement is an option for children who demonstrate grade level achievement two years above their grade level peers and mastery levels of achievement with grade level material. The evaluation team considers social and emotional factors prior to making a team decision about the appropriateness of grade advancement for an individual student.