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Bermudian Springs School District

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Progress in the General Curriculum and towards GIEP Goals

Student progress in the general curriculum is monitored for those students identified as mentally gifted. The district maintains databases that store relevant achievement data including state assessments (PSSA results), local assessments (4 Sight Benchmark Assessments) and standardized achievement results (Terra Nova Achievement tests). Performance data including report card grades and curriculum based measures are also examined to review student progress. Every year during the annual GIEP team meeting, individual student progress is reviewed in regard to these assessments and then goals are generated to develop an individualized plan for the student. As students transition into high school and begin to look at advanced placement options, post secondary education, and in some cases early graduation, a graduation planning sheet is prepared annually to monitor progress to that end. Students who are not making progress may be recommended for reevaluation by the school psychologist. In addition to the assessments listed above, gifted students in the seventh grade have the opportunity to take the PSATs early in order to look at achievement levels that may indicate superior ability.