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Bermudian Springs School District

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Why Choose the Eagles Academy?

  • Students attending the Eagles Academy will have access to the guidance services and after-school extra-curricular activities that the district provides for all of its students.
    •  Eagles Academy students are also able to take classes in the Bermudian Springs Schools along with their online classes if they so choose.
    •  Students receive a laptop computer/IPad, internet access (if needed), and a Pennsylvania Department of Education-approved curriculum taught by Pennsylvania-certified, highly-qualified teachers.
    •  Eagles Academy students who meet graduation requirements and who successfully complete the cyber educational program will walk with their class at graduation commencement ceremony and receive a Bermudian Springs School District High School Diploma.
    •  Bermudian Springs will provide your student with a mentor, who will develop a close relationship with your family so that you can work together to help your student achieve success.