Mr. Weigle - Bermudian Springs Technology Education

  • Mr. Weigle

    Mr. Jason Weigle is the current Technology Education teacher at the high school that covers the Woodworking and Construction Technology courses. He is a 1998 graduate of Bermudian Springs and a 2002 graduate of Millersville University. Mr. Weigle taught at Gettysburg High School for half a year immediately after graduating from Millersville. He then taught at Hanover High School for 10 years before coming back to Bermudian Springs. He was a member of the Track and Field team while at Bermudian and also competed in Track and Field at Millersville all 4 years. He is currently the head junior high track and field coach at Bermudian Springs. He is working to make improvements in the 2 Technology Education areas he covers by updating the shops and revising some of the curriculum to try and better meet the needs of the students at Bermudian Springs High School.