• Helpful Links!

    Here are some links that we may use in music or choir, OR I thought you might find helpful! Enjoy!


    Edulastic - used for assessments; log-in using your @bermudian.org email account; Class Code is .....


    Solfege/Sight Reading Mastery - use this website to practice your solfege


    Virtual Keyboard - you can use this to help you learn your parts in our music


    Music Theory Net - learn about notes, rhythms, time signatures, and key signatures


    Rhythm Trainer - exercises to help yourself get better at reading rhythms


    Virtual Choir - Several years ago, composer Eric Whitacre had the idea to create a virtual choir. Singers all over the world would learn one of his songs and upload a video of themselves singing it onto youtube. This has continued each year, with more and more people participating. The power of music is INCREDIBLE!