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    Mrs. Gilliam's 7th grade Ancient World History

    We will be discoverying interesting facts about our world's history and ancient civilizations.  We will use the 6 characteristics of a civilization to study and determine what is important about those early cultures.  We will use a variety of methods to learn about these places, people, and time periods.  


    Mrs. Gilliam's 8th grade U.S. History

    Eigth graders will begin with Washington's election and discuss the people and events that lead our nation to expanding across the entire continent.  We may cover content from as early as 1787 through the 1920's.  We will be covering the Civil War and the reconstrution of the nation after the war. Students will be challenged to investigate and draw their own conclusions on important people and events in American History.  Students will also discuss connections to present day issues and use primary source documents to make clearer connections to past events.