• At Bermudian Springs Middle School, we work collaboratively with families to provide a learning environment where students can mature, achieve success, and be part of an educational experience that encourages the love of lifelong learning. Bermudian Springs Middle School is embarking on an exciting new adventure, incorporating technology as a means for parents to actively participate in their child’s education, while fostering their child’s independence. Middle school students are emerging adolescents, experiencing profound changes in intellectual, physical, social, and emotional areas of their lives. Our hope is that the years spent at Bermudian Springs Middle School will inspire our students to strive for excellence as conscientious citizens and caring, ethical individuals. Bermudian Springs Middle School is committed to providing opportunities for creative expression, critical thinking and personal involvement. Every student is given the opportunity to master grade level skills and achieve to his/her highest potential. We will again be using the following social media this year in an effort to keep you informed of the great things happening at our middle school.