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Flexible Instructional Day (FID)

The Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) has approved the Bermudian Springs School District’s request to provide “Flexible Instructional Days” to our students. This means when situations arise such as inclement weather, or we have a building(s) emergency, we can provide instruction to our students at home rather than in the classroom. ​PDE counts this as a full day of school and the District does not have to adjust the Board-approved District calendar.

The Bermudian Springs School District has been approved to use up to five (5) Flexible Instructional Days this school year. 


For Our K-12 Students:

  • Students will leave school with an understanding of and access to work that will need to be completed at home in the event school is closed due to inclement weather or for other reasons.
  • Students in Grades K-4 will bring home work to be completed during the FID and returned to their teachers when school resumes.
  • Students in Grades 5-12 will be assigned work to be completed using either their school-issued devices and applications OR paper/pencil assignments. Students will have the option of completing these assignments in school when classes resume if there are issues with completing the work at home due to Internet access or other factors. Students will not be penalized for failure to complete work if sufficient supports have not been provided.
  • If a student is absent the day before a FID, the work may be completed at school when the student returns.
  • The FID will count as a “Cycle Day.”
  • Flexible Instructional Day (FID) lessons will be designed for students with special needs utilizing their program modifications, specially designed instruction and supplementary aids and services identified in their individualized education plans. Any related services (PT, OT, Speech, etc) scheduled during the FID will be rescheduled according to the frequency requirements of the students’ individualized education plan or in make-up sessions during the remainder of the school year as a compensatory service.
  • Implications for FIDs will be discussed at the students’ annual IEP meeting where the team will consider if particular needs require additional support due to the nature of a FID, we will include those additional supports in the IEP specially designed instruction (SDI) section. An IEP team who determines that a student cannot receive FAPE during an FID through additional support and specially designed instruction (SDI) will be provided compensatory education before June 30, 2020.
  • Students receiving special education services outside of the Bermudian Springs School District will follow the school calendar of their placement.
  • Students attending Gettysburg Tech Prep will need to attend school during their designated Tech Prep time.

Attendance for a FID will be based on assigned work completion for the day and will be taken during the next face-to-face school day.


Access to Teachers During the Day

Your child’s teacher(s) will be available for assistance, via email, from 9 AM-12 PM and 1 PM -3 PM during the FID.

Bermudian Springs School District assures that all students identified as eligible for special education services will receive the necessary supports and modification as required in the student’s individual IEP. Students will be provided access to instruction by their teacher in a variety of methods (including but not limited to…live lessons, presentations, pre-recorded videos of instruction, guided digital lessons, etc.). Students will be provided access to instructional staff via a schedule set by the teacher, providing for virtual or phone appointments with individual students, live lessons, and email correspondence.


Submitting Assignments

Where applicable (Grades 5-12), students should submit assignments virtually through Canvas, our Learning Management System (LMS). Submitting assignments the following day is acceptable as well, either electronically or via submission or paper/pencil work.

We believe that using a Flexible Instructional Day, or FID will enable us to continue the learning of our students while they are at home.  If we need to close our facilities due to inclement weather in the future, we will continue to notify you via phone, email, website and social media as is our practice. These communications may include detail that we are using a “FID” and the day will not need to be made up during the school year.