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    Scholarship Opportunities (See Mr. Nace in guidance for scholarships that are not online applications, if you cannot print the pdf):


    Randy Rebert Softball Scholarship - $500

    Senior female softball player who will be continuing to play the sport at the college/university level.

    Deadline - March 25, 2024 to guidance

    RRebertScholarship pdf - Return to guidance office


    H.O.P.E. Jeanette Cartwright Memorial Scholarship

    Senior with an immediate family member diagnosed with cancer or recently lost an immediate family member to cancer.

    Deadline - March 11, 2024 to guidance

    H.O.P.E JCartwright_pdf - Return to guidance office


    AES Engineering Scholarship - $500

    Seniors attending a post secondary educational facility. You are not required to be taking Engineering courses to be eligible.

    Deadline - October 8, 2023 to guidance

    http://www.aesengineers.com/scholarships.htm - Online application