High School Meal Program

  • Menus

    A copy of the menu will be posted on the District’s website, and also menus will be published in the Gettysburg Times, The Evening Sun, and the Merchandiser.


    Meal Programs

     Breakfast will be available for purchase every day with the exception of 2-hour delays.  Students eligible for free and reduced price lunches may use the benefits for breakfast as well.

    There are a variety of entrees in the food court, including soups, salad bar, vegetables, fruits, and flavored milk, offered each day to assist in making a healthy, flavorful lunch each day.

    Creating a Lunch:    All students are able to create their own lunches in the food court.  Students can choose an entrée (Protein), up to three different sides, and milk.  If a student chooses not to take at least one side dish, then the item will be charged as an a la carte item, not a lunch.

    There are 5 components to a school lunch:


        Protein (Chicken, Hamburger, Deli Meats, and cheese on the Pizza, etc.)
        Grain (Rolls, Pasta, Pizza Crust, etc.)
        Fruit (Choose one fruit and one vegetable, or two different fruits)
        Vegetable (Choose one vegetable and one fruit, or two different vegetables)

    Creating a Breakfast:    Students are able to create their own breakfast in the food court.  Students will choose an entrée (Protein), and up to two different sides, and then add milk.  If a student chooses not to take at least one side dish, then the item will be charged as an "a la carte" item, not a breakfast.

    There are 4 components to a school breakfast:


          Fruit, juice, vegetable
          Two servings of grains / breads OR
          Two servings of meat / meat alternate OR
          An equivalent combination of meat / meat alternate // grains / breads


    Food Court Rules


            Backpacks, coats, purses may NOT be carried through the food court.
            There is no eating permitted in the food court, only at the tables.
            Please do not enter the food court just to accompany a friend.  It creates congestion and slows the lines down.  
            If a spill happens, please report it to one of the cafeteria workers immediately.


    Dish Room Area

    All Students are responsible for:


              Returning their trays and silverware to the dish room window and properly placing them  in the dishwasher racks.
              Recycling empty plastic bottles in the appropriate containers.
              Placing silverware in the soak sink.
              Placing paper and other waste in the trash receptacles.