Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Sarah L. Smith

Professional Bio:

Professional Qualifications:
B.S. in Elementary Education from The Pennsylvania State University, University Park (Rec. May 2007)
Master of Arts in Education- Special Education: Gifted from the University of Nebraska, Kearney (Rec. August 2014)
Pennsylvania Teaching License: Instruction II in Elementary Education (K-6)

Professional Experiences:
(Student teaching experience- Spring 2007 at Lewistown Elementary School, Lewistown PA- Gr 5)
Aug 2007- June 2008- Gr 4 Teacher at Judith A. Resnik Elementary School in Gaithersburg, MD
Dec 2008- June 2010- Gr 4 Teacher at Bermudian Springs Elementary School in York Springs, PA
Aug 2010- Current- K-12 Gifted Education Teacher at Bermudian Springs School District in York Springs, PA

Professional and Educational Goals:
My goal for my professional development is to seek as much education as possible in the area of gifted students. I want to do this so that I am better able to educate and inspire the exceptional learners with whom I work.

I hope that my graduate studies will enable me to:
develop programs and lessons that best suit gifted students' unique needs
plan units and develop IEPs that consider development, learning, and psychology of gifted students
be able to work with regular educators to help them differentiate their lessons to better suit gifted and high level learners within their classroom
be inspired through continuing coursework to continually improve my teaching approach
become a leader within each school I work in so that I am viewed as a valuable resource and helpful teaching partner in the teaching of gifted learners.
Use of Technology:
I am comfortable and versed in a variety of technology. I am able to use Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, and Publisher, as well as wikispaces and blogs for classroom use. I regularly use a Smartboard in my classroom. I teach internet research skills to my students.
For samples of my technological work, I uploaded two power points that I had created for use within the classroom. The first introduces vocabulary for a 4th grade fictional text; the second is used for a weekly math competition for 5th graders.
I have also uploaded a quiz I created for a Smartboard interface. Students were given remote controls and took the quiz through clicking their choice when the quiz item was viewed.
I have created a blog through my literacy education program that can be accessed here- This blog reviews some basic concepts of literacy and could be used as a resource by parents or teachers.
You can also see by browsing this site that I am competent in development and use of online teacher resources and communication tools.
Many of my undergraduate and graduate level courses have had online components including uploading work, participating in discussion boards, accessing and viewing online material, etc. I have been able to easily and efficiently navigate the online requirements.

Experience with Diversity:
In my student teaching placement, I worked with a large majority of socio-economically challenged learners and began to understand some of the specific challenges that can arise when students' basic needs are not being attended to.

In my first year of teaching, I worked just outside of Washington, DC in an extremely diverse setting. My class was approx. 25% Caucasian, 25% African American, 25% Hispanic, and 25% other. I taught 4 English language learners within that classroom who had recently immigrated from China, Cote d'Ivoire, and India. It was wonderful working in such a rich setting where so many of the students could share and teach about their background, their families, their culture, etc.