Spanish Class

  • In Spanish class, students use technology not only to complete basic assignments, but they are able to record videos, create projects, and converse together, all while practicing their speaking and listening skills. iPad devices have helped make this possible. Some amazing work is done where students not only communicate and collaborate, but they are also able to get creative and solve real world problems using the new language skills. 

Choir Class

  • Digital Media Production student, Daniel Burger, conducted and edited an interview with Mr. Carlson, high school choir director. Mr. Carlson talks with Daniel about the idea behind an original song he composed during the pandemic that was recorded individually by each choir student in grades 4 through 12. He talks with Daniel about the process of recording and piecing together the tracks and the impact his work had on the community during the pandemic. Bermudian teachers like Mr. Carlson are dedicated to their students' success, committed to enhancing their learning through the use of Apple technology, and guide students in producing quality work that has a lasting positive impact on our community in difficult times.

  • Listen to the full version of "Begin" by Bermudian Springs Choirs! Recorded on iPad devices, edited using Logic Pro and iMovie.

Music Elective Classes

  • Elective classes in American Popular Music and World Music are a staple of our high school music curriculum. These classes are open to students in grade 9-12, and are ways for students that do not participate in traditional music ensembles to explore and expand their musicianship and creativity. iPad devices are the centerpieces of these courses, as they employ iPad devices and GarageBand to allow students to compose their own original songs. The Four C's are constantly applied by students in music classes. Students employ their skills in critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communication to make musical decisions such as instrumentation, form, balance, and communicating the meaning of songs through music. 

  • American Popular Music

    In this first example, a student creates an original beat in GarageBand in a rap style. This student recorded almost every track themselves to create an original piece of music. This particular students records music outside of school, and may use this beat in songs of their own.

  • World Music

    GarageBand's ever-expanding sound libraries allow students to experience music from around the world in ways that were previously not possible. This student combined high quality samples of Chinese Traditional instruments to create an original work.

  • This student created their own new version of a popular reggae song in World Music, with new lyrics and instrumentation to support their melody. This student had never written songs before, and they recorded the vocals themselves using their iPad device. Apple technology opened a door for this student to access a high-level form of creativity and self-expression.