Hello Students and Parents,welcome to Grade 9 Science.  Here are the course descriptions for Selected Topics in Science and Honors Selected Topics with some weblinks and other related information. 


    Selected Topics in Science Course Description:

    This course will introduce students to Life on Earth in terms of biology, geology and chemistry.  Students in this course will learn how life on Earth and the subject of biology is interconnected and relates to their own life as well as other branches of science.  This course will emphasize STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) to foster inquiry, scientific dialogue and critical thinking in the context of real world science.  The instructional pacing and assessments in this course will be differentiated to meet the needs of each class as a whole.


    Honors Level Selected Topics in Science Course Description:

    This course will provide students with a foundation in order to understand Life on Earth in terms of biology, geology and chemistry. Topics will range from general to specific in relationship to cell theory, genetics, the 4 major biochemical cycles, organisms, adaptations, biodiversity,  biomes, and biogeography. An emphasis on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) will be a key component of this course in order to foster inquiry, scientific dialogue and critical thinking. The instructional pacing in this class will be brisk and the assessments will be rigorous.  Students taking this honors class are expected to be proactive and comfortable with some independent learning.

    Here is the current detailed syllabus for "Selected Topics in Science" 

    (Click on the red highlighted course title)

    Please note that the syllabus is not a static document.  It is a framework for the course that may change based on the needs and abilities of the students in each individual class.

    The pace at which we move in terms of learning the content cannot be precisely predicted especially when lab activities, student projects and student presentations are one of the main aspects of the course. 

    Flexibility is the key to success, especially in our current world and academic situation. 

    The syllabus and course content was created within the framework of the Next Generation Science Standards along with the 4 C's of Education in mind. 

    There are no text books or manuals for the 4C’s. It is important that students learn these qualities within the context of both their daily school activity and home life. These skills have been determined to be essential for modern students to be successful in today's fast paced technological society regardless of what path they follow in the future. 

    These 4 skills seem simple at first glance but are not easy to master.  These skills should be interwoven across all content areas. They are skills that should be fostered and developed over time with maturity and life experience.

    The 4C's are:

    1. Critical thinking

    2. Creativity

    3. Collaboration

    4. Communication


    I am looking forward to meeting you all and teaching you at the high school.

    I hope you are all as excited as I am. 

    I will be using the CANVAS platform, which is a  "LMS" Learning Management System our district has adopted for all classwork, content and assignments.

    My school email is apepoli@bermudian.org

    Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. 

    Below are links to websites I have set up to help students (and parents) with class content and general science information. 

    Click on each line to go to the webpage or website. 

    *Please note, I only "Tweet" when students are working on an interesting lab or project.  

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