• Goals!


    •  My goals as a teacher are to: 

      * Heighten the curiosity of each individual student
      about the wonders of science around them through
      inquiry based lessons and activities. * Deliver meaningful instruction within the
      framework and context of the Pennsylvania
      Standards and Anchors for Assessment in Science
      and Technology.
      * Provide hands on experiences that motivate students,
      foster exploration and spark interest in order to move beyond
      memorization of basic facts. 

      * Integrate other content areas
      (math, social studies, language arts,
      as well as art & music)
      into the science curriculum.

      * Plan my lessons integrating "STEAM"
      which stands for Science, Technology,
      Engineering, Arts, and Math. * Provide Differentiated Instruction
      through a variety of methods and
      techniques, so each student gains a
      better understanding of how scientific thinking and reasoning can be used in
      all aspects of life and within all career fields. * Incorporate Field Study
      (outdoor education)to foster
      appreciation of nature,
      conservation and stewardship.

      *Allow my students to explore
      create, discover and express themselves with
      the hope that they will learn to "love"
      science and someday apply the knowledge gained
      in my class to whatever career path they may