• Credit Recovery Parameters

    Who May Participate?
    Any sophomore, junior or senior in the Bermudian Springs School District that is not in reach of meeting the Graduation Credit Requirement at the beginning of the current school year.


    Sophomores – Beginning sophomore year with four credits or less.
    Juniors – Beginning junior year with 11.5 credits or less.
    Seniors – Beginning senior year with 19.5 credits or less.


    How many credits may be recovered?
    No more than three credits may be recovered during any one school year. However, the student must successfully complete one class following the guidelines outlined in the signed Student Contract (Appendix D-2), before beginning a second or third class. No fee will be charged during the school year for credits being taken, as we will use current staff (Intervention Specialist, Plato Aide, and/or Guidance Counselor) and current district-purchased software licenses.


    No more than two credits may be recovered during any one summer through the Bermudian Springs School District Program. Credits being taken during the summer will be charged a per credit fee to cover the cost of Administration (~$100 for one/~$150 for two).


    In total, students may not recover more than 13 of the total 27 required credits through Credit Recovery before their intended graduation date. In the past, students could make up 6 of the total 27 required through summer school and correspondence classes. Electives classes may be recovered; however, students may only recover a credit in the class that was failed.


    How will students be identified?
    The Guidance Counselor will run a list of eligible students at the beginning of each school year. Students will be chosen to begin the program based on “highest credit need” and committee discussion. The committee will be made up of the Principal, Assistant Principal, Guidance Counselor, Intervention Specialist, and School Psychologist (as needed). While no eligible student will be turned away, entry will occur over the course of the first marking period each school year.


    ****Absolutely, no credits may be recovered until a student has completed a class the first time and received a final failing grade.


    When and where will Credit Recovery be worked on?
    Included students may work on their Credit Recovery classes during study halls and free periods, as well as outside of the school day. Students would need to have access to a computer to work on their classes, which will be administered through Plato Software. While every effort would be made to allow students time during study halls and free periods, access would depend on computer availability as well as availability in the Writing Center, Library, and/or Plato Lab.